feeling her change…

Today’s post is inspired by the beautiful and intense merge into spring and the even more beautiful intensity of our ever changing lives.  My 8 year old is right in the thick of a very big transition called “the nine year change”.  At times, she seems to be manic.  It really is shocking and can often be an emotional roller coaster.  This nine year change can provoke many different emotions.  Sometimes she screams at me telling me that she WILL do what ever it is i am telling her not to do.  In these moments, I go from thinking….. where is my baby to being so proud that she is so strong and determined to let me know that she is her own person and not even i can change that.  Watching her float out of my realm and into her very own is a very powerful process.  I am also noticing that when she goes to these extra emotional places, I am often going with her. She is my mirror and I am hers, however,  only I am old enough to see it and to know better.   It is forcing me to energetically and emotionally step out of the situation and see her rather than join her.  I realize that she needs me to listen with firm steady and loving boundaries.  My child is absolutely still floating around in a big way. I love this about her!  I can see that she is probably going to hit this earth rather hard.  It is my intention, as Veda continues to change, to cushion her fall the best I can.  It is like another birth only this one she may very well remember.  

“The change in the children’s self-awareness grows stronger at the age of nine, and you find that they understand much better what you say about the difference between the human being and the world.  Before they reach the age of nine, children merge far more thoroughly with the environment than is the case later, when they begin to distinguish themselves from their surroundings.  Then you will find that you can begin to talk a little about matters of the soul and that they will not listen with such a lack of understanding as they would have listened earlier.  In short, the children’s self-awareness grows deeper and stronger when they reach this age.”

-Steiner, Lecture 7 of “Practical Advice to Teachers


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