tea with kriquet…

Just shy of two years ago, Veda and I spent our first day with Kriquet on our way through Portland.  We were flying through and had a 10 hour layover!  It was one of the best days Veda and I have ever had.  We got on the plane early that morning, made our way to Portland, had tea with Kriquet and Pablo and then went on to Tucson.  Such an amazing adventure!  We now visit Kriquet a few times a year and the next time i intend to take my camera and get photos of her sweet little tea room (and the rest of her awesome house) where Pablo and Kriquet and Kenny and their cat Maxwell sit for their daily tea ceremonies.  The last time we were there we had just eaten supper and had a few sips of wine.  Kriquet and I were sitting at the table, Pablo was doing the dishes and Kenny was belting out this lovely tune he had written while playing the piano.  REALLY?  It was like a dream.  Kriquet assured me that this was not a regular occurrence.  Nonetheless!  it. was. awesome!  It is always such a beautiful time and space that my kids and I, especially Veda, love and cherish.  It is magical!

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