8 is great!

they grow so fast.  we went camping the weekend of her birthday.  it was magical and amazing and so beautiful.  at one point, everyone was tired and something happen to cause a divide, cora on one side and veda and jasmine on the other. she cried and vented (loudly!) to me for a bit.  she sat and watched the water with me.  i asked her to meditate and breathe with me.  i felt her strength and her brave. i felt her little and innocent. i love her so much.  she looked up at me and told me she was going to go talk to the other two and she didn’t want me to watch her.  then she asked me to go with her.  i told her she needed to go on her own.  she said ok and stood up.  i of course watched from the corner of my eye.  i saw this, strong, brave, bright shining, amazing, awesome beyond this world, beautiful little goddess, with her long skinny legs and her big eight year old self  walk over and face her sisters all on her own.  as she was walking to them, i realized that she is ok. she is always whole, always complete, always awesome beyond this world, forever…  happy birthday!  love, mommy



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